This product consists of 100 x 150 mm prisms. Three sides of each prism form right angles and the fourth is left to show its natural curvature. Prisms are not cut of central sawn wood, which significantly reduces cracks originating in the drying process. Therefore the wood will not get damaged by gradual drying over time. Prisms are suited for use whenever an exact length and straightness are not required but a natural wood look is demanded on the rounded side. Only the highest grade timber is used to produce PRISMS and HEXAGONS.


Protected against rot by (harmless) natural flavonoid content, density 720-760 kg/m3, resistant and durable out of doors, durability of over 50 years with no need for impregnation.


Wooden buildings, palisades, garden furniture, enclosures, forest parks, fence components, playground structures, and much else.

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