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About us

„A family tradition for 25 years”

Tyl s.r.o. is a family business with a tradition stretching back to 1991. Our 25-years-plus of experience in forestry and lumber put us in a unique position. We have lots of in-house know-how to take advantage of, and that keeps us a step ahead of the competition in Robinia processing, at the same time it allows us to excel at recultivating greenery during the timber harvest.

We design high-added-value products for our partners. The manufacturing process we’ve perfected over the years allows us to stay innovative and offer the latest products while taking environmental needs into account.

Our company philosophy is built around the recultivation of greenery and on quality workmanship. In the Robinia timber process, we guarantee the satisfaction of our customer partners and foster long-term friendly relationships.

We target the 'Wooden Age' and manage timber as a permanently sustainable resource, carefully selected during the timber harvesting period in our country. With an eye to maintaining the ecology of Czech forests, we carefully track our timber so that our products will always be traceable.

The fact that our firm has been operating in the forestry-timbering sector for more than 25 years, carrying out continuous modernization and development, provides a guarantee of the company‘s viability in upcoming years.

  • Environmentally friendly thinking
  • Flexible product supply
  • Professional approach
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive project implementation
  • Fair dealing without exception
  • Long-term partnership
  • Custom-made products
  • Transport across the Czech Republic and EU
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Czech robinia

„Durability without exceptions”

Czech Robinia is a valuable tree species used in many areas for both interior and exterior products. The availability of Czech Robinia represents a great advantage versus expensive and exotic alternative tree species whose origin—in terms of timber harvesting principles for sustainably managed forests and primeval forests— is frequently hidden.

Czech Robinia is highly durable, tough, highly flexible and naturally resistant to rot, pests, biotic and abiotic factors such as water and weather conditions.

The careful selection of raw timber begins right within our ecosystem. Based upon the varied growth shapes of Czech Robinia, we‘ve been innovating harvesting and manufacturing procedures for logging to attain maximum harvests with respect for the Czech Republic enviroment.

We let the wood mature in natural drying storage to reliably eliminate growth stress throughout and thereby attain maximum quality results in processing, with only minimal cracks formed during the drying process.

Czech Robinia products are used particularly for the outdoors for wooden buildings, palisades, urban furniture, garden furniture, enclosures, forest parks, fence components, playground structures, sidings, tool handles and helves, as well as for bioprocessing in the form of wood chips, briquettes and pellets for clean combustion.

Czech Robinia‘s quality, natural resistance, and affordability mean it is sought after around the world.

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  • Wood comes strictly from the CR
  • Minimal cracking
  • Exterior adaptation
  • Natural, environmentally-friendly material
  • Replacement for exotic woods
  • Biotic and abiotic resistance
  • Natural colouring
  • Alternative to plastic and metal
  • Lasts more than 50 years
  • Maintenance-free surface
  • Sustainability and safe recycling
  • Czech product


„We’re proud of quality products made from Czech Robinia”

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„Countries where our Robinia products are in use”
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„We target the 'Wooden Age’ and give greenery back to nature”
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Projects of robinia

„We’ve been building our partner network up for years”

Our partners include companies from both the CR and the EU. Our business partners provide wooden buildings, palisades, urban furniture, garden and home furniture, enclosures, forest parks, fence components, playground structures, sidings, tool handles and helves, floors and much else.


„All products are available in our sawmill located in Premyslovice by Prostejov, Czech Republic. Further transport possible after prior arrangement”
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